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Pendant of Yemeth (Unfinished Business quest)

So I ran across the Pendant of Yemeth quest from the Unfinished Business mod quest last night. (I actually almost missed it due to missing the dialogue option from the NPC that actually starts the whole thing off!) I'm a little unsure of how exactly the quest is supposed to progress though, and digging up old posts on various years-old forums hasn't been very enlightening. I'm looking to put together a "walkthrough" of sorts for the quest, and I'd appreciate any information others might know about this quest. :) What I've found so far (in spoilers so people who haven't done the quest can preserve their dark):
1. So the quest proper starts off when you talk to Ratbone in Ragpicker's Square and ask him if there's "anything interesting around". (This is the option I missed and I nearly missed the quest altogether as a result.) He asks you to bring him 5 Cranium Rat Tails in exchange for his info.

2. Once you deliver the tails, Ratbone tells you the story about how Rake-Chaser seems to be consorting with fiends, and suggests you seek out someone who could tell you why that might be. That clue led me to Aethelgrin and Tegarin in the Smoldering Corpse, who revealed Rake-Chaser's true identity and kicked off the next phase of the quest.

3. The quest can proceed multiple ways here. You can show up during the day and try to talk to Rake-Chaser, but Adyzoel (who seems to be charmed/dominated by Rake-Chaser) will interject and attack you if you try to press the issue. Killing Adyzoel (2000 xp) will result in Rake-Chaser trying to flee, but it's possible to box him in with your party members so he can't escape and kill him for the pendant. I have a feeling that this approach is meant to lead to a quest failure though.

4. If you instead follow the abishai's advice and show up at night, Adyzoel won't be around and you can either attack Rake-Chaser immediately and kill him for the pendant, or talk to Rake-Chaser to find out the full story. If you pick the latter option, you can now choose to allow Rake-Chaser to keep the pendant in exchange for them agreeing to a period of service in the future. (It's far enough in the future that I doubt it will ever come to pass in the game and is just a roleplaying reward.) This process results in you signing an Infernal Contract, and it gives you a memory worth 600 xp, plus a further 1000 xp for completing the quest. (I presume. There wasn't actually a journal entry for this quest. Going back to the abishai and reporting your failure just results in them getting grumpy at you, but nothing else in their conversation changes.)

5. If you instead choose to insist on the pendant, you bring it back to Aethelgrin and Tegarin, but they fail to follow through on their side of the bargain, instead claiming that there is some "magic" on you that prevents them from bestowing the pendant's power on you. You can now choose to attack the abishai (7000 xp each) for failing to live up to their promises, which will also result in Ilquix (if he's nearby) assuming his true form and helping you out. You can then chat to Ilquix and learn more about him, or attack HIM as well (12,000 xp).

6. Sooo... From what I can gather if you want the absolute maximum XP from this quest chain, what you should do is go find Rake-Chaser during the day, kill Adyzoel, kill Rake-Chaser, take the pendant back to the abishai, kill them too, kill Ilquix. But what I don't know yet is if the abishai's claim is true. (And this is where my Google-fu failed me. The threads I found, including from Quinn himself, all seem to suggest that if you take the maximum XP route and kill all the fiends, there is no further use for the pendant.) IS there an NPC further ahead in the game who can remove such a barrier/curse and allow you to get the benefit from Aethelgrin and Tegarin? Or is it just the fiends bluffing you? Does anyone have any more information to shed on this quest?


  • LaelapsLaelaps Member Posts: 9
    This pendant has no uses. It just leaves some lore about Yemeth (which you can debate was TNO who tried necromancy to survive). From the game perspective, even Abishai tell you that is useless in your case (and they are 'lawful', so there is no reason to think they lie). After you receive the pendant and deal with the fiends there is nothing more to do with the quest.
  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,299
    Yep, you're right. I did some digging in NearInfinity after I made this post and there is indeed no dialogue options anywhere from the Abishai that lets you gain any benefit from the Pendant. So, the "best" outcomes from this quest is either to let Rake-Chaser keep the pendant (from an RP perspective), or slaughter all of the fiends (from an XP perspective).
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