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Can't sell tattoos?

I've just reached the Clerk's Ward and, to date, I have not encountered a single shopkeeper who will buy my (now) unwanted tattoos. Was this intentional? I mean, I imagine the market for scraps of skin with tattoos on them is pretty small, but it feels like an oversight that in a world with baatezu and yugoloths and some very twisted mortals, not one single person is willing to buy them. Heck, even Fell, who keeps tapestries of your past skins in his backroom, doesn't want to buy them back!

So, I guess my question is IS there a shopkeep who wants these? Or if not, is there any mod that makes tattoos sellable? I'd hate to just dump them in a crate somewhere; it just irks my looting sensibilities. ;P


  • LaelapsLaelaps Member Posts: 10
    There is none in the vanilla game.
  • UranistUranist Member Posts: 4
    Hello. You cannot sell tattoos. But I found another bug. I cannot buy tattoos. Fell doesn't sell them. Got to lvl 7 as mage - no tattoo. Brought him old hand - got only 3 of 4 tattoos(no regeneration one). Also he didn't sell and of +2 stat tattoo, only +1.
    What is the reason of that? I had some mods installed: Portrait Conversations, Planar Items, Bags of Torment, UB reloaded 1.5. Is that why Fell doesn't sell those tattoos?
  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,326
    Did you perchance happen to reach level 7 as another class first? Fell's class tattoos use whichever class reaches the 7/14 thresholds first. As for the tattoos on the old arm, I'm not 100% sure, but I think that your Wisdom/Intelligence must be of a certain amount in order to get some of the tattoos.
  • UranistUranist Member Posts: 4
    Thabks, I've checked.It's because of mod. One of them seems to break tattos.
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