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Playing multiplayer - I have SoD - others don't

I'm reading mixed messages reagrding having SoD and playing across the internet with others who don't have SoD. Some say that I have to uninstall SoD in Steam (uncheck the DLC), others are saying I can just run a different executable(?)
Is this still required to play with others who don't have the DLC? Is there a way to do it without uninstalling the DLC to play multiplayer and then reinstalling every time I want to play single player SoD?


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,931
    i remember the last time that i played online with someone i had SoD and they did not have it, so we couldnt connect to save our lives, but once he installed SoD everything was fine

    so if you want to play with players who do not have SoD my guess is that you are going to have to uninstall SoD to play with them

    which makes sense because no doubt there are some scripts in bg1 that are needed for SoD to operate properly and if one player had SoD while the other didn't, it would no doubt cause some major engine bugs
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