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Scripting Help

FacepalmFullONapalmFacepalmFullONapalm Member Posts: 1
edited July 10 in PST:EE Mods
Hey there,

I've been editing the companion's bcs files to be more to my liking and have accomplished a number of things as follows:
  • Having companions automatically acquire the closest enemy (with the exception of FFG) instead of having to be hit first
  • Companions will retreat from combat when their health drops below a certain threshold (currently I have this set to 10% but it's subject to change when I playtest some more)
  • Using healing items once their health drops to a certain threshold, which will later be expanded to include other items that I otherwise forget to use on them and it sits in their inventory for the rest of the game.
  • Annah will automatically scan the room for traps if she is just idling
  • Nordom and Ignus will run away from enemies if they're rushed, allowing for hit and run. It's quite neat until they're cornered.

While I like how it's set up at the moment, there's a number of other things I'd love to do but haven't quite figured it out yet:
  • How to get Annah to automatically enter the shadows and stay in it. I've checked the actions and states but I didn't see anything (either that or I overlooked it)
    -Also on the subject of Annah, while she scans the room for traps fine, she continuously enters and exits the looking for traps mode when standing still. How would one end the loop? I've tried sticking a NoAction() at the end but it didn't seem to work.
  • How to automatically revive companions after combat is over. I've tried a couple methods, such as ApplySpell(Myself,CLERIC_RAISE_DEAD) when !ActuallyInCombat() as well as giving them health and whatnot but none of it worked.
  • Having Morte cast "Litany of Curses" upon enemies who attack TNO. It doesn't seem to want to trigger on Player1 getting attacked, sadly.

I'm currently working in Near Infinity as it seems to be the easiest way to change these scripts. Hopefully someone with more experience could help :D The Actions and Triggers IDS files can only get me so far.

P.S. does anybody know the effective distance of Ignus' and Nordom's attacks? For efficiency between them attacking and running away from chasing enemies. They're fine at 8 but it does seem a bit sloppy.

EDIT: Ignore the automatically entering shadows. Turns out "Hide" wasn't obvious enough for me. Whoops!
EDIT: I have Nordom and Ignus hitting and running at an effective range, now! They seem to get stuck on walls often, though :(
EDIT: I figured out how to make Annah go invisible more effectively and fixed her spamming the detect traps ability. Now she does it automatically when standing still.

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