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How do you remove the level cap?

There are several discussions to this, all of them are linking to a page that doesn't work anymore.

How do you remove the level cap allowing CHARNAME to gather more levels? Is there a way to do it from infinity engine?


  • VanDerBergVanDerBerg Member Posts: 213
    You can use mods. Tweaks Anthology has this option, as well as EET Tweaks, if you use EET.
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,875
    The level/XP cap for BGEE comes from two files, both of which must be modified in order to increase/eliminate the cap.

    First, there's XPCAP.2da. This sets limits on the XP any particular character class can reach. Or, at least, the usable XP. Characters can accumulate XP beyond this point but not spend it.
    The numbers in this file by default range from 161000 (thief, bard) to 600000 (paladin, ranger).

    Second, there's STARTARE.2da. This sets the global XP cap for the campaign, with the START_XP_CAP entry. This is set to 161000 by default. Characters can accumulate XP beyond this cap, but only temporarily; they're reset down to it whenever you load a save.

    BG2EE uses the same files, but has a simpler scheme. All of the cap numbers are the same 8 million.

    If you want to go beyond the BG2EE cap, that's a bit more involved - you have to edit a bunch more things to support levels beyond 40. Since there's a mod for that already, just use it.
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