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And yet another dumb question about Duel-Classing.

I have always been under the assumption that when you Duel-Class a Character, that the weapons that you already have pips in for the first class, you do not assign any pip for them to the second class, at least until you unlock your first class again, like, if You had 2 Pips in Long Swords, and your second class allows for Long Swords as well, don't put any pips in it, because the Pips would not be added together, but rather when you unlocked your first class again, you'd have your Long Swords with the Pips of the class you put the most Pips for Long Swords in. Such as, 2 for 1 class and 3 in another class would not equal 5 Pips for you but rather 3. This is the assumption I've been working under for years, but... I'd now really like to know if it is true.


  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 7,097
    It is.
  • deathgeonousdeathgeonous Member Posts: 60
    Ok, thanks for the confirmation. Though that's going to make doing the build I want harder. Not impossible, just harder.
  • ShadowBlazeShadowBlaze Member Posts: 41
    edited July 2021
    Yes, the proficiency of your dual class overrides your first class' pips. But, there is a way to save up your pips if you wait a bit for leveling up. Applies only for fighter duals and Ranger duals (limited to 2 pips in weapons).

    If you level up your second class only after finishing the dual, you can use the pips together with your first class pips.

    Say a Kensai dual at 13 to a Mage, with 5 pips in a weapon (Grand master), 2 pip in 2 weapon style and 1 pip in a second weapon.

    The initial mage dual up screen of 1 pip can't be avoided. But if you don't level up your character till you reach 14 Mage, you will be able to put the pips you get at Lv 6 & 12 freely with your existing pip in the second weapon. This way you won't have waste your proficiency points. You also get pips at Lv 18 and 24, so you can get the grandmastery in the second weapon, since you didn't waste pips.

    Edit - You can level up the second class to the point before you get the weapon pips i.e upto Lv 5 for Mages and Lv 3 for Priests/Rogues.

    This is just a power-gaming example. You can also use the same strategy at Lv 7, Lv 9 duals too.

    Basically, finish the dual before clicking level up to use the pips to greater advantage.

    If you could share what build you were planning, we could help you with it.

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