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Keeping Drizzt weapons ( Now with extra salt flavour)

virionvirion Member Posts: 1
In BG2 if you get Drizzt weapons at some point a mage will appear an rob them. If you drop them on the floor before he does it you can grab them straight away.

The devs though of this.

He will come back and try again. So you drop them on the floor again.

He disappears and you grab them again.

He appears again. He will throw an imprisonment spell on your whole party without any saves or possibility to free yourself. It's game over...UNLESS.

You switch the map an thro drizzt items on the ground. You can dodge the spell and from now on you can enjoy Drizzt weapons.

Bonus: The mage now becomes your follower and will TP on every map you go on. He's 100% immortal even with console commands.

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