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Solo Mode Sorcerer Spell Table

Hay, this ain't my first playthrough but this time I am doing it with legit methods not involving cheesy strategies like Fireball and Invisibility. This content might involve spoilers, use at your own risk.
First of all here is my WeiDU.LOG file so everybody can see what modifications I am using and I know that everybody of us knows how to use google for a readme of the applied mod. This is the first guide I am writing.

Now let's get started from the back to the front.
This is my current state of the game and my Sorcerer:
At this moment I have cured Geas and doing sidequests.

This is just my personal choice but it has worked out till now.
Now let's get to the actual topic: "Spells".
"0" - I choose Chaotic Neutral and summon my Familiar as soon as possible. Preferably level one. Just to get 15 HP.
"1" - Blindness and Sleep.
Why? Because immobilised enemies can't fight back.
"2" - Knock and Web.
Why? Opening doors let's us grab more quests and plunder houses if you prefer.
"3" - Melf's Minute Meteors and Remove Magic
Why? Because we need distance to most of monsters at low levels.
"4" - Spider Spawn and Stoneskin
Why? Spiders are best early level meatshield. And Stoneskin protects us from physical harm.

A in depth guide will follow when I have completed Baldur's Gate Trilogy.
Here is a way to use Spiders, Meteors and Web at the Bandit Camp:

I hope you had fun reading same as I had typing the guide,



  • MezzrahMezzrah Member Posts: 8
    This is just a placeholder.
    Baldur's Gate finished as level 12 Sorcerer. Moving to Athkatla and skipping Durlag's Tower.

  • PokotaPokota Member Posts: 841
    How many times did you cast each spell?

  • MezzrahMezzrah Member Posts: 8
    Hay, this turns out to be a personal blog, but I can't help it...
    Right at the moment I am finishing Athkatla side quests and my level is 19.
    I will type down a more in depth version of the guide and release it right here.
    The game is becoming more and more cheesy with Planetar, Energy Blades and Time Stop...
    The guide itself will feature all spells you will ever need to complete as much content of the game as possible. I for myself will give you information for the must have spells all up to your first High Level Ability, because in my opinion there should be room for personal preference.

  • MezzrahMezzrah Member Posts: 8
    edited September 3
    Hay everybody, starting again from scratch to ensure quality of my guide. This will feature few ways to complete the game w/o anybody in the party except you. I'm already excited how people will like it or not. With that said, let's get started. I shall update every few levels and start from "zero".
    The Spells are prioritized from the front to the back, front = main priority, follow up spells = high | mid priority.

    "0" - We are Chaotic Neutral, Elven Race, 99 Attributes.
    "1" - Magic Missile, Sleep, and as soon we reach High Hedge buy a Familiar Scroll and use it.
    Why Sleep is so important:
    As we reach Basilisks to earn our self some easy experience...
    This is our main tactic... cast Invisibility on your self after talking to the Ghoul and let him follow | kill Basilisks.
    We have earned 25327 Experience. Our level is five.
    "1" - Magic Missile, Sleep, Blindness, Identify
    "2" - Knock, Mirror Image...
    Next stop are sidequests. Spiders, Ogres, Hobgoblins and so on. Since we need every tiny bit of experience.
    We are well armed since we put them to rest and then use our bullets or spells.
    To pick up more quests our next stop is Beregost. Start with simple ones and come back for the others.
    So far so good:
    "Joia's Ring"
    "Killed Silke"
    "Firebead's Book in Beregost"
    "Stampede of Halfogres"
    "Zhurlong's Boots"
    "Talking Chicken"
    "Perdue's Sword"
    "Zombi Family"
    "Mirianne's Husband"
    "Unshey's Girdle"
    "Gurke's Cloak"
    "Spiders, Boots n Wine.
    "Vampiric Wolves"
    "Met Drizzt"
    "Teyngan the Bandit"
    "Marl the Drunk"
    "Cattack the Hobgoblin"
    We have earned 48350 Experience. Our level is six.
    "1" - Magic Missile, Sleep, Blindness, Identify
    "2" - Knock, Mirror Image, Melf's Minute Meteor's...

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