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Wand of polymorph is great

I seldom used this wand in my playthroughs because it shows up late and requires save. Now it's my favorite tool to handle Karoug. Recently, I am doing a illusionist/cleric solo run. I read about the trick of spamming glyph of warding but I must've got the tactics wrong because I always trigger them before the baddies.

The second opinion is using wands. Greater malison + wand of paralysis can easily stun Karoug. But overcoming the regen is still a issue. Here comes the wand of polymorph. In the squirrel form, although Karoug is still untouchable by my weapons, one cast of magic missile is enough to deplete its puny HP. Regen is not relevant anymore. I am wondering if Loki used these wands to generate the frog Thor. Unfortunately(fortunately?), Loki does not have magic missle memorized.


  • ShadowBlazeShadowBlaze Member Posts: 41
    I wish it were a general wand usable by all classes. It's a very good "I WIN" button against difficult to nigh impossible encounters when solo. Even the mighty Sarevok isn't immune to this.
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