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Bug or not? Question about shapeshift (druid)

kotopheykotophey Member Posts: 97
Druidic 'Baby wyvern' form (avenger) has weapon enchantment +1. Must it be +2 as it is in BGee 1/2?


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,931
    although there is no rule stating that it HAS to be, it would make sense if it were a bit more consistent, but again if the shapeshift does state that it strikes as +1 in IWD and +2 in BG 1/2, then i suppose it is correct

    sometimes between the IWD and BG games changes need to be made for certain reasons, but this one is up in the air as to why

    it could also be very well a bug, just recently i had to fix the spider spawn bug for another player because that spell wasn't working properly in IWD ( although i believe that spell has now been fixed in a quick fix update or some such? )

    it won't be uncommon to find things in IWD not matching the BG series ( although if it's due to a bug then it definitely should be fixed )
  • kotopheykotophey Member Posts: 97
    edited July 2021
    'Common' Druid Forms has theese weapon enchantment:

    1) Winter Wolf +1
    2) Boring Beetle +2
    3) Polar Bear +3

    Now looks to the forms of the Avenger:

    1) Spider +1
    2) Baby wyvern +1 (!)
    3) Salamander +3

    Look like a bug, right? Well, in BG it was +2 too. So it's a bug, for sure :)
    sarevok57 wrote: »
    ...just recently i had to fix the spider spawn bug...
    I am sincerely grateful to you for that. Put 'like' under your corresponding post.

    PS Here my fix. Place it into the 'override' folder with installed game.
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