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BGEE: Marek and Lothander Antidote Didn't Work

shylamanshylaman Member Posts: 159
I drank the potion that I got from Marek, but nothing happened. I assumed it work. Then after a couple of chapters my PC keeps dying. I have no way to fix. Anyway I can reset in EEkeeper?


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,811
    what mods are you using? i can't even load your save file, and when i try and load it up in EE keeper, you have some items that don't exist, meaing mods are about

    if you somehow can, you can try using the console and summoning in these potions;

    and try drinking those and see if that helps

    the only thing that i can recognize on your file with ee keeper is the ;
    BDMAREK global, but that seems to be just the portrait icon ( which also must be custom because it goes beyond what ee can detect )

    if at all when you look at your "effects" tab for your character, anything that deals with or has a "marek" in it, i would suggest just deleting that and see if that works

  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 3,124
    From what I can see in the game files the antidote has to be used specifically by the protagonist, or the game doesn't recognize that you've been cured.

    If that doesn't work then enter this command into the debug console while the mouse cursor is placed over the protagonist's portrait or selection circle:
    It should complete the quest after a few moments with a journal entry.

    If that doesn't work either then enter this command instead:
    It will mark the quest as completed but doesn't add journal entries, XP or other clues that it worked.

  • shylamanshylaman Member Posts: 159
    I have a few moods, but nothing too exotic outside of EET. SCS, item revisions, spell revisions, tweak pack, UB, etc. I'll try the console command. I got 10 potions from Marek. I had each character drink one.

  • shylamanshylaman Member Posts: 159
    edited July 14
    I tried all of them. I had to remove the status symbol in EEKeeper. Not sure which one worked, but all seems well. Thanks.

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