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Theres a steampunk Gameworld?

Wall3tWall3t Member Posts: 83
edited September 18 in Persistent Worlds & Multiplayer

Yep! and after five years in development I'm getting ready to announce its first Beta Release.

So what is it?
The project is a Role playing single-player-multiplayer online gameworld with some light storytelling about a Fictional word rich with cogs and wheels and steam and airships and guns and everything that makes a fantasy/ steampunk world great in the simplest terms. It is currently in an Early look Alpha stage.

When is the Alpha?
Currently live and ongoing!

Where can you learn more about this project?
I have a discord channel as well as an information "Wikipedia" page setup that showcases everything that will be present in the game.

Wikipedia Page


or ask me here!

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  • Wall3tWall3t Member Posts: 83
    War is no stranger to the lands of Midland. Conflicts in this realm are often publicized and discussed in pubs across the country. Meles will be the center of such conflicts, where players can participate in capture Point war zones.

    Name: Bansky Air Field.
    Location: Midland, Southern Meles
    Info: Front Line Military Fuel Station. Preparations for war against their neighbors are underway as the HLS Adora and HLS Aetherwing transport troops to the front lines. ca 1811 M.Y Colorized.

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