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Just Installed Game, made a basic 1 area module, & it won't load it... [SOLVED]

GenisysGenisys Member Posts: 26
edited July 17 in Technical Support
I have v83.8193.28, just downloaded it...
Played the OC just fine, sound is good...

Opened up the toolset just fine, made a simple one area module, painted the starting point...
Then went to load the module in NWN EE game...

Said couldn't load module (May be corrupt)

Any ideas what's up?


I just tried loading the module from the Toolset (F9), same thing, won't load.

TOTALLY ODD, I don't know what's up, I have installed nothing but the game itself.

***** [SOLVED] *****

Apparently you can no longer use + + in the Name of the module... (DOH!)

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