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SCS Sarevok and The Agony of Defeat

Finally after a couple of days and many reloads I was able to take out Sarevok and his cronies. It took me a few tries to figure out I had to kill his cronies before I could kill him. Them I had to restart pre-battle with some different spell selections and rest to reload. The summoning cap of creatures made things trickier.

Buffed the party. Summoned Skeleton warriors. Lobbed a couple web, a grease, and some stinking cloud. A few wands of fire ball. Loaded several dispel magic and spell thrust on Dynaheir, Imoen, and Quayle. Dispel magic arrows with Minsc. Buffed my F/I with everything he had so he was virtually unhittable. Had to kite Sarevok at one point when monsters got wrecked in seconds. It was definitely a team effort. Now about to play SOD for the first time. Enhanced Edition Trilogy working great so far.


  • FenrirWolfgangerFenrirWolfganger Member Posts: 31
    I'm coming up to that for the first time in over twenty years so thanks for the tips.
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