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[TBP II] Baeloth's involvement / cameo

Sup y'all.

I haven't played TBP II but I'm told Baeloth makes a cameo appearance.

Could someone please let me know the details (perhaps in spoiler brackets)?



  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,818
    There's two parts of it.

    First, there's "Stannel Eibor". You can talk to him after each of your matches and hear his insulting alliterative takes on things. Not that he'll ever admit that he's Baeloth.

    Second, Baeloth returns at the very end of things.
    After you defeat the last enemies, he takes you "home". His version of home.
  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,506
    Thank you, @jmerry
    What is his version of home? I'm trying to understand whether it is viable to tie his appearance in BGII to his cameo in TBPII in the same way as his appearance in BG was related to the ending of TBP
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,818
    Baeloth doesn't personally appear in BG2EE at all. The Thayan arena does in Neera's ToB quest, which merely indicates that ToB takes place before the end of BP2. Of course the end of BP2 isn't going to be referenced in the main campaign - it hasn't happened yet.
    Baeloth's version of home? Not explicitly stated, but it can be presumed to be whatever new version of the Black Pits he's come up with.
  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,506
    Ah, I see.

    That makes it harder to justify the presence of Bealoth during the main BGII:EE campaign, unless we make a decision that "Stannel Eibor" isn't Baeloth at all and accept the premise that TBPII finish after the end of ToB (which is not too far fetched, I dare hope?)
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,818
    The cutscenes at the end have Stannel literally shed his disguise to become Baeloth. They're definitely the same person. Unless you want to rewrite/ignore the plot of BP2.
  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,506
    Indeed, that puts a dent into the plan of having Baeloth along for the SoA/ToB ride.

    Oh, well. Thank you for the help, @jmerry
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