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Skill vs. stat checks in dialogue.

Are all the major (or "best") dialogue skill checks covered by the "talky" skills, or is there a point to raise some of the stats to get some nifty bonus dialogue?

I mean, do I get something good for having a Charisma, Intelligence or whatever score of, say, 18, or would I be better off plugging those stat points into something else?

How well off would I be simply focusing on Bluff, Intimidate and Persuasion for dialogue? Would I have all the bases covered or roughly all?


  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 863
    IIRC most of the conversation checks in the OC are based on skill rather than ability.

    During a Rogue playthrough, I found Persuade especially useful, as you can often negotiate larger rewards. Bluff and Intimidate are handy, too.

    Abilities are important for many other purposes, of course.

    Fan-made modules vary - for example, Charisma is a must for ADWR.

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