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Avernostra - Seeking builder help

I've made a decision after working on my old Avernostra server for quite a bit now. I would like to try and get the server back up and running for a while. Though I don’t have a date quite in mind yet of when. I would like to offer and ask if anyone would like to join in and help build some new areas for the server. I would need to get copies of our custom haks to you, and they have been updated since enhanced edition. It is a good opportunity, I think, for anyone who wants to dip their hands in area design without committing to a large project for an extended period of time. 1

Don’t actually download them, but you can see some of what I’ve already done.

Leave a reply if you are interested.


  • TheMadPoetTheMadPoet Member Posts: 2
  • GohakenGohaken Member Posts: 4
    I'm curious, interested in knowing more about it. Will review the info you linked. Pls let me know if you're still looking, want to meet & greet on discord/zoom, etc.
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