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Near Infinity - No longer recognizes my changes

BaptorBaptor Member Posts: 286
edited July 23 in General Modding
Been using NI for awhile now. I've been editing the appearances of many items in BG2 to much success. However tonight I finished changing a batch of items and, after deciding to make some tweaks, fired up NI again. When I looked up the items, all the changes were gone! Not just the recent ones - all of them! So I loaded up the game - and the changes were all still there as I'd left them - and the files are still in Override.

No matter what I do, NI acts like nothing has changed and all the items are back to their default appearances. However when I log into the actual game, all my changes are still there. What is happening?

Update: Figured this out. There's an option called "Ignore Overrides." No idea how that got enabled, but all you have to do is uncheck it.


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