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Updated TR's Runes and TR's Arcane Circles Available

TarotRedhandTarotRedhand Member Posts: 1,148
Due to recent changes to NwN EE it had become necessary to update these so that the glow-in-the-dark feature of them worked again. They had been updated last year but with the recent changes they displayed as pure white.

So what are the changes -

Techy Version

The glowing models now use glow maps and mtr files. The only maps used are Diffuse and Glow. Also all the models have been run through clean models, primarily to remove shadows. This has had the effect of also fixing a number of small issues that I didn't even know needed fixing.

Non-Techy Version

They work properly again and may well be more stable (if that's possible). I don't know this empirically but to me the glow seems to be brighter and the transparent bits clearer but that may just be me.

Anyway, you can find them on these pages (the new version are dated and marked as EE only) -

TR's Arcane Circles
TR's Runes

So if you've used these in your modules I strongly urge you to update to these new versions.


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