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Are there plans to fix the PS4/other console versions?

Very much want to play this on a console, but I've put off buying because of the game breaking reports. As of June, the thread on this forum pertaining to bugs says they're still there.

Are there any plans to fix these? If not, whatever, I get it. But I would like to know if I should keep holding out. I don't want to get 20+ hours into a giant game and see all these glitches everyone talks about killing my game.


  • YigorYigor Member Posts: 404
    Hmm... it works perfectly on Nintendo Switch. ?
  • byrne20byrne20 Member Posts: 502
    Honestly I can’t comment on the PS4 version as I play on Xbox.

    Since I upgraded to Series X it does seem to have introduced quite a few minor issues. So far nothing game breaking, however I have noted that the game does crash a lot more now than it uses to. It probably crashes at least once every time I play it. I really try to make sure I save often lol . I’ve also noticed that it often freezes up in the load game screen when I first boot up the game. The freeze doesn’t last forever but it is annoying. Again none of this is totally game breaking for me but just annoying stuff that I would hope that they would plan to fix.
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