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Coming back after a long break. How to optimize my Mage build?

I picked up Planescape Torment again after many years, continuing on my latest save as a Mage, and plan on playing from where I left it. Reading some guides and tips, I'm not sure I've built my stats right to get as powerful as needed to ease through the fighting parts (I want to focus on the story and narrative). Anyone up for helping on how to play from here on?

I'm on Day 5 (in the Hive), Mage: Level 4, Neutral Good, and my stats are:

* STR: 9
* INT: 17
* WIS: 19
* DEX: 10
* CON: 11
* CHA: 13

How should I play moving forward, what are some important things to keep in mind? What spells should I know and learn, and which equipment to get?

Since I like grinding and getting powerful early, any tips on where to level up from where I currently am in the game?

Several recommendations say to start as a Fighter, but I can't remember if I did that or went Mage from start.



  • YigorYigor Member Posts: 536
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    The Nameless One always starts as a fighter. In order to "dual-class" to Mage, U should speak to trainers (Dak'kon or Mebbeth). However, this "dual-classing" is different from BG and IWD (U can switch again to Thief or back to Fighter).

    It seems that there is so-called Double Mage Specialization in PST (TNO should reach lvl 7 and 12 as Mage) giving the following bonuses: +2 INT, +1 WIS, + 5 Lore.


    I also replay old D&D games, but currently prefer Icewind Dale cuz of the highest difficulty challenge (Heart of Fury). ⚔️?
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  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 1,083
    It looks like your stats are optimized in the standard way for PST, so whatever thinking (or guide) you were using to make your character was sound. As you may remember, wisdom gives you bonus XP and extra dialogue options so that should always be the focus with INT next on the list.

    Your main decision point as a mage character is whether you want to first grind out 12 levels of fighter and then permanently switch to mage, or whether you want to become a mage ASAP. The 12 levels of fighter let you achieve grand mastery in edged weapons and enable you to easily melee opponents over the course of the game when you don't feel like casting (or have run out of spell slots). Getting double specialization as a fighter (the point of 12 fighter levels) also unlocks a couple of solid fighter tattoos which can be used by you, Dak'kon, or Annah.

    Some people will tell you combat is easy enough in PST that you should forget about fighter levels and just aim for the mage double specialization bonuses listed by @Yigor. I would disagree with that though. Precisely because combat is pretty easy in PST, you can safely ignore physical stats when leveling up, which means getting INT/WIS where they need to be isn't going to be a problem, which means you don't need to worry about mage double specialization, which means you might as well seek edged grandmastery (which can't be earned any other way except through fighter double specialization).

    It's up to you, though, as you can win the game either way. Best wishes and good luck!
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