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Can't unpause after camping on co-op multiplayer campaign after upgrading to

I'm doing an online co-op multiplayer campaign with my brother. We've been playing for 1 year or so on the "road to 2.6" beta branch on Steam, last time we played was earlier this year, on April 15, right before 2.6 was released. After checking the Steam changelog notes for Baldur's Gate, I noticed the 2.6 update had been officially released, so I signed out of the beta to go to the main branch with the stable release.

Now, after loading my save game and starting a session with my brother as usual, where each controls 3 characters, everything looks fine and normal, except that when we camp to rest, after the rest animation the game comes back paused, and it's not possible to unpause it in any way.

I tried to remove his access to pause the game to see if that would work, but it didn't change anything. It's frustrating because I can hear the character voices when I select them, open the inventory, etc, but I simply can't unpause the game, and since the game is paused I can't rest again to see if it would get unstuck or whatsoever.

Any tips on how to solve this?
Appreciate it,


  • lucasbuslucasbus Member Posts: 2
    Howdy, I'm still having this issue - any ideas? I'm basically having to skip playing Baldur's Gate 1 with my brother because of this :(
  • AugoraAugora Member Posts: 1
    Can you load your savegame into single player mode, rest, unpause, save, then load it back into multi?

    Other thought is if you can use the BG console to advance your characters
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