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Add or expose the lacking Pick Pocket information/functions.

ForSeriousForSerious Member Posts: 422
The lexicon mentions a bug with this and another function where, after a player logs back on to a server before a reset, it will return OBJECT_INVALID.

Really this is just what introduced me to the fact that we are missing some key functions, when it comes to the most aggravating skill in this game: Pick Pocket.

Exposing a script that gets fired when someone uses the pick pocket skill would be the most ideal fix. Then we could block or condone such actions as we see fit.

Since it's not exposed, we are left with hack options to disable players from getting the skill at all, or trying to block unwanted actions by means of the OnAquireItem script.
As far as I have been able to script, I can block players from stealing items.
Gold though, there is not enough exposed information to be able to tell who the gold came from and if it was done by means of the pick pocket skill.
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  • ForSeriousForSerious Member Posts: 422
    Half never mind.
    I did some testing and GetModuleItemAcquiredBy() never returned OBJECT_INVALID after more than three relogs. I'm not going to create an account just to update the lexicon, but it seems to need an update.
    I did only test for like five minutes. I'm going to start using it, and see if it holds up after running a server for a week.

    Anyway, I still would like more control over what happens when someone uses the Pick Pocket skill.
  • ForSeriousForSerious Member Posts: 422
    Still no issues with GetModuleItemAcquiredBy() after a full week.
  • MelkiorMelkior Member Posts: 123
    It's my opinion that the devs should modify the game to provide some settings which will allow server admins to control exactly how the pick pocket skill is applied to PvP, including not allowing it PvP.
    It should be possible to disable players pick-pocketing other players while still permitting pick-pocketing between players and NPCs and it should be possible to restrict pick pocket to only gold, only items, only items currently being worn as well as allowing anything to be pick-pocketed. It would be nice to also have a way to restrict the amount of gold or the number of items which could be obtained through pick pocket, either by NPC or by area.
    And it should be possible to disable the pick pocket skill by area, the same way you can disable PvP by area.

    A module I played for ages had Pick Pocket as a restricted skill, but I'm gonna experiment and see if I can script restrictions the way you have, FS.
  • ForSeriousForSerious Member Posts: 422
    I agree with you entirely. Admins need more control over this.
    What I have in place is, okay, but far from being a solution.
  • WilliamDracoWilliamDraco Member Posts: 174
    Pickpocket in PvP(and PvE) is easily adjustable with NWNX.
  • ForSeriousForSerious Member Posts: 422
    But is NWNX easy on Windows?
  • WilliamDracoWilliamDraco Member Posts: 174
    Either with Docker or through WSL, yes it is quite simple to get nwnx running on windows.

    I didn't realise the initial request was from a year ago, but at this stage it's almost certain that something like this - Which only affects multiplayer and already fixable with nwnx - will be changed at all in the base game.
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