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Shield of Balduran Question

I'm currently on Level 5 of Watcher's Keep and doing the Pillars/Orbs challenge where you meet a Hive Mother, Elder Orb and Death Tyrant.

Anomen is using the Shield of Balduran but the thing's not reflecting any rays! He's getting creamed by Cause Serious Wounds and Anti Magic Rays right now, even with the Shield equipped and the cool visual effect it gives. Should it only reflect rays against "Beholders", or any Beholder-kin like these? Or have I found a bug?


  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 484
    Ah that explains it then…shame as I thought I’d be invincible with that Shield, it did cost a bit. As for the CSW rays, it’s possible they were reflected after all and he was affected by other spells like Magic Missile, the beholders do things so quickly it’s hard to tell…

    Back to Improved Haste, Shield of the Archon and buffing to the max then, hey ho…

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,182
    The Cloak of Mirroring also works very well - some of the debuff rays get through, but it blocks all of the damage and instant death rays, plus the damaging spells.

    It's possible to put together enough spell-based buffs to protect against all beholder rays too, but only on an arcane caster. Lots of specific buffs like Death Ward and Protection from Magical Energy, plus Spell Shield to block antimagic and protect the other buffs. Unlike its normal role, blocking an antimagic ray does not expend a Spell Shield; the shield sticks around to block them all for up to 60 rounds.

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