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Need some advice on making custom portraits

RyofuRyofu Member Posts: 264

I would like to ask the artists here for advice on creating a custom portrait. I am thinking of using the picture of a celebrity and changing the face of an NPC portrait to that celebrity. What steps would you recommend to do so and is there any program that i can use to easily do this? I am not artistically inclined and have never done this before but would like to learn so i can customize my BGEE game to my liking.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated



  • GuiscardGuiscard Member Posts: 2
    There are 2 ways of doing this.

    1st: Use some kind of editing software like GIMP or even MSPaint to crop the images to the correct size and right file extension.

    2nd and my fav: go to pick your game and crop your image there.

    Have fun :)
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