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New player and suggestions.

Hey guys.

I'm starting now in the world of Baldur's Gate. I would like to ask some suggestions from you veterans.
I've always been a regular Diablo player, and I believe my mind was shaped to see all RPGs as similar. I'm seeing clearly now that although they have similarities, these classic RPGs are not the same as Diablo.
So I have some questions about mods and gameplay, and I hope you can help me out.
First, about mods. For someone just starting out, is there any mod that is needed to get a better experience?
I noticed that in gameplay the characters don't run, like in the original Diablo. Is there any way to add running in cities and dungeons?
Second, item management. Another thing I inherited from Diablo, the vast majority of items can be sold in stores, only quest items can't. At Baldur's Gate, this is not the case. When the item is sold, it is available in the store to be purchased again. I find the idea interesting, but some items cannot be sold and we have to keep storing them in compartments around the map. My OCD attacks at these times. Is possible to add a way to delete items in the game?

That's it for now. If I have more questions I come here to ask. The text got a little big. Sorry. I hope my experience to be the best possible.


  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,235
    Welcome to Baldur's Gate!
    For starters, I heavily recommend not using mods your first time through. The vanilla experience is still great, and mods are more to tweak things to your preference on repeat playthroughs.

    No, you can't run. Normally. There's magic that will make you run (and attack more often per round!), as well as a magic item that will let a character run as long as its equipped. Kiting is VERY powerful in this series, and the ability to just have everyone run at all times will break BG1 in half.

    If you leave items on the ground they will disappear eventually. This is generally not recommended. You're better off either storing what is useful, or selling what isn't for gold. Not everything is important, not everything unsellable is important. There are items just for flavor or lore. You'll pick up what's what as you play. most (MOST) important plot items you need to hang onto will say so in its description.

    Good luck and have fun!
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,442
    On those items ... actually, you're probably going to leave a lot of junk on the ground. Sure, you could cart some of those gnoll halberds back to town so you can sell them. But they're just not worth it; you'll more likely just leave them to rot.
  • DinoDinDinoDin Member Posts: 1,460
    edited September 2021
    Some tips, also from a Diablo and former Blizzard RTS player. If you played those RTS games, try and remember the gameplay from them. Click and drag a box to group select. Control click to add or subtract to that selection. Select all button at bottom right. Like in Diablo, get used to tapping Tab alot, except to reveal lootable containers not the map.

    I recommend against mods. The Enhanced Editions have what you need for the best first experience. Core rules or normal difficulty is a good starting point, with a challenge level like Diablo-era games.

    Item management: Pick up gems, jewelry and magic items (blue). Generally just leave unenchanted stuff, not worth it to drag and sell. Except maybe heavier armors.

    Also the inventory is the creakiest part of the game. My advice is to organize gear type by each NPC in the party, it will help you to keep track of stuff better. Buy items like scroll cases and gem bags when you see them, and stuff those item types in there.
  • YigorYigor Member Posts: 223
    edited September 2021
    I agree with suggestions above. ?

    Running: boots of speed, oil of speed, spell Haste (mages/sorcerers).
    Item management: acquire various containers and bags of holding (not so many in BG1).
    Gameplay: pause the game frequently to adjust your tactics. At higher difficulty modes (Insane, Heart of Fury, Legacy of Bhaal) without such adjustments your party could be easily annihilated.

    Good luck! ?
  • XDarkStrikerXXDarkStrikerX Member Posts: 99
    If it is something that interests you, you can put the game FPS up to 60 in the game in the Baldur.lua file located in your Documents. Default is 30 so this will double the speed of the game, both in attack/spell animations and walking speed. I always play on 60 personnally.

    As you suggested mods, for a first playthrough i would still go with vanilla so you get the real intended experience. However if you really can't keep yourself from cleaning the ground, what you can do is enable console commands by adding this line into your Baldur.lua file.

    SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','Debug Mode','1')

    After this you will be able to open the console in game using CTRL+Space. You can add an item that will allow you to hoard pretty much everything (100 slots) for a single inventory slot called the Bag of Holding by pasting this command:


    Doing this might help you figuring out what you'll want to leave on the ground and what to hold on to in the future. Having the console commands enabled, you can also ''jump'' on areas on the map using CTRL+J. One can consider this immersion breaking, i personally never use it, however i know a few players that like to use it to quickly travel around towns they've already fully visited. There is no wrong way to have fun with this game so suit yourself.

    Also for selling items, depending on the merchant, you will be able to sell everything you find really. It's just that most merchants buy specific items but some of them buy nearly everything in the game.
  • LuisMenethilLuisMenethil Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the tips, guys.
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