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Pirates of the Sword Coast: Lighthouse Puzzle bug?

I've been trying to get through the lighthouse puzzle in PotSC but I seem to be stuck. There are always one or two pillars that don't turn to white, despite clearly working in other ones (e.g. if there is a cyan pillar I point a red arrow at it and it turns white, except in one instance where it doesn't...). I always notice that there are pillars (the ones that don't turn white when I expected them to) that when hovering with the cursor say different colors depending on the place the cursor is. It can say white/cyan for instance. Or green/yellow as in the pictures below.


At first, I thought I was doing something wrong (it's a puzzle after all), but the inconsistency threw me off. I found a video with a similar issue here.
So, given this:
1) Has anyone finished the puzzle on the EE version of PotSC?
2) If not is it a bug and could we expect it to be fixed in a future patch?

This is not a showstopper as I suppose I can still finish the module without doing the puzzle, but I'll miss on some content I'm sure.


  • RollinStonerRollinStoner Member Posts: 1
    I am also having an issue with this puzzle in that one of the pillars has no light, so even when I get all the others white, this unlit pillar is stopping me from completing the puzzle, placing coloured arrows only gives me the colour of the arrow or product of the combination of arrows pointing at it.
    Is this a bug or have I missed something.

    Hopefully this reply will bump the topic and someone in the know can help
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