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Question about Carsomyr..

I've read that Carsomyr sets (in place of an increment) your magic resistance to 50% BUT remains stackable with permanent magic resistance bonuses from the machine of Lum the Mad and Bhaal's tear. The idea is that Carsomyr sets MR as if it would overwrite MR from all other items that can boost your MR.

Just to be clear, I don't mean to rekindle the old debate about whether Carsomyr should increase or set magic resistance. I'm trying to understand how setting MR works exactly and why.

It's also mentioned that you can use enhanced bard's song on top of it.

Can anyone confirm if all of this is still true with the latest BG's patch?

If my source is correct, what's the explanation? Is it an oversight, a bug?



  • VicissitudeVicissitude Member Posts: 47
    Does anyone know?

    Could someone at least check how it works? I don't have BG2 installed.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,442
    Permanent bonuses to magic resistance such as a wizard slayer's bonus or the hell trials stack with Carsomyr's resistance. For items, it depends on timestamp order; anything you had on when you equipped Carsomyr won't stack with it, while anything you equip after will. Since you tend to switch weapons more often than you change anything else, this is inconvenient; you may have to unequip and reequip items whenever you switch for best results.
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