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Import Black Pits Save to iOS?

Greetings, fellow adventurers.

Does anyone happen to know how to transfer a save game file (Black Pits) from PC/Mac to iOS?

The usual way doesn't work and the .bg1bpsave suffix seems only to be used for exports from iOS to X but not the other way around. Creating a .bg1save file only imports the savegame to the BG campaign which isn't helpful for obvious reasons.

Searched high and low and found no answer to this. Fingers crossed someone of you has an answer besides "it's impossible". :)


  • YigorYigor Member Posts: 223
    Black Pits is a short adventure. U can complete it in 2-3 hours unless U play on LoB difficulty. ?

    My point is that it could be quicker to complete it again instead of the problematic file transferring. ?
  • ArdentArdent Member Posts: 22
    Not really helpful. I know that it‘s short but the iOS version is so buggy that you cannot complete one fight without the app crashing, thus making a savegame transfer very handy.

    I guess it’s impossible then, bummer.
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