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Multiplayer problem - crashes

VamelVamel Member Posts: 1

Me and my friend have bought the BG:EE on GOG.

Whenever the host or joiner goes into character creation and imports/creates character the game just doesn't show it in lobby( after finishing and after few seconds game crashes or just kicks the joiner no matter which one of us is host. It is always non-host who is getting kicked or has the game crashed.

There is a message in the chat "character X has been added to lobby" but still its invisible for another person like there is none in the slot and person who joins can never get ready with that char cause game starts to "not responding" or just gets the joiner kicked.

We did everything we found on the internet and many more things to fix that(we both have 5h ingame time even tho we didn't start the game at all)

We definitely have the same version(we both downgraded it 2 times to other patches) and this problem occured every single time.

Maybe one of u guys have any idea how could we fix that?


  • nervous89nervous89 Member Posts: 2
    Hello, post is quite old.

    However I encountered same problem while I tried to play with a friend.
    We forwarded ports, set game to windowed, run as administrator, added rules to firewall/complety disable firewall, downgraded the game to prev. patches, disable alternative renders, use hamachi and so on.


    Whenever we make a lobby, create new characters and press Start, game freezes for a second, host get the prolog video, and the 2nd player get kicked out of the game.

    I'm running w10 and my friend w11, maybe thats an issue?
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