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How do you cheat in Dragonspear using a Mac?

Albatr055Albatr055 Member Posts: 28
I can't seem to get the cheat codes to work on my Mac.

I have the first part down which is to copy paste:

SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','Debug Mode','1')

Into the Baldur's Gate.lua file.

When I type


Which is supposed to be the code for Dimension Door, I get a Stoneskin scroll instead.

Does anyone know the correct code for Dimension Door?

I tried the teleport cheat (CTRL + J) but it does not work since the prison has no "moveable" area I can latch onto.

I think I need a cheat for a key for this one to work.
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  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,877
    SCRL1V is Dimension Door in BGEE, and a second Stoneskin in BG2EE. There is no scroll for Dimension Door in BG2EE. Do you have something like the EET mod, by chance? That would force a choice to be made unifying resources...
  • Albatr055Albatr055 Member Posts: 28
    No I do not.

    I'm simply trying to get into the Cyric's prison cell since I forgot where I dropped the key.

    Dimension Door probably won't work because there's no valid moveable area in the prison.

    I need a key to open the door but I can't seem to find a way in.
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,877
    It seems to me that the cheat you need is to spawn in the key.

    Regarding the other difficulty you were complaining about, it seems that SoD may have changed old BGEE resources in addition to adding the new stuff. In which case there probably isn't any such thing as a scroll of Dimension Door.
    (I don't have SoD myself, so I'm speculating here)
  • Albatr055Albatr055 Member Posts: 28
    Yes, I need to spawn a key.

    But the problem is that there is no cheat code for that specific or master key.

    I looked everywhere online.

    It seems the only reasonable solution is the load from the beginning of the chapter and redo the dungeons.
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