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Fiend’s Tongue

NeeraWMNeeraWM Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 11
I’m in Clerk’s Ward, I need to give a new voice to Ecco.
Went to the shop but she’s no Fiend’s Tongue in any list.
What can I do? Is there another way?

Also, I’ve got Deionarra’s legacy from the advocate, read the Dodecahedron fully, got the code but the guard at the gate in Lower Ward will give me no options to enter. What am I missing?
Thank you


  • NeeraWMNeeraWM Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 11
    Also … Guiltspur will offer me no job option… I’m completely stuck…
  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,316
    If you're on PC you can spawn in the Fiend's Tongue item using the console. The item code is FTONGUE.

    As for the Foundry entry, it sounds like a variable didn't get properly set somewhere after you read the Dodecahedron journal. You could probably fix it with the console, but unfortunately I don't know what the necessary variable is. :/
  • NeeraWMNeeraWM Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 11
    Thank you but I am on iPad and on macOS the game has long been crashing as soon as pressing M to open the map. I've reported this but I doubt they'll ever do something about it.
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