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Mara's Ward

I'm not sure if this was added by a mod, or was always there and I forgot, but my party ran into an "interesting" encounter in Beregost. I'm pretty sure it is part of a mod, as the script "kills" the usual occupants, replacing them with this "trapped" kid.

Anyway, looking for an empty house to use as a party headquarters (since a mod added a bunch of creepy women to the rear room in the Jovial Juggler), the party checked out all of the houses in town. If there was an occupant, the party moved on, as this is a good-aligned party with two paladins. (Sirene and Ajantis) When the party came across the two story house next to the tower (NW corner of Beregost on the main road), it initially appeared promising. No one seemed to be there, so they checked it both day and night. Everything looked good.

However, after they moved all their junk from the B&B (house across from the Red Sheaf), Sirene came across a little boy in the living room. Oops... When she spoke to him, his ogre dad came barreling in and trapped the party. As a good-aligned party, they wanted to just apologize and leave, but this clown wasn't having it - and he was too big to walk around. The party was trapped, so daddy had to take the dirt nap early. Upstairs, angry mommy showed up, and, sadly, she had to join her husband. With both his parents now newlydeads, the boy stormed off calling the party mean. Double oops.

Feeling bad, the party has decided to take in an orphan and use the now empty house for good. (However, since the original boy is scripted, they chose a local Beregost girl whose daddy went to the Nashkel mines)

The irony is that there actually seems to be an empty house next to Feldeposte's Inn. It has less storage, but it wouldn't have involved any homicides.
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