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Fix for Call Woodland Beings crashing with EEex (v0.8.7-alpha)

Posting this in case anyone else is running into this issue.

The issue is caused by a line in the nymph's AI script. In one of the blocks, it tries to cast the spell SPIN704.SPL, which is in the BGEEs, but not in IWDEE. It's basically a copy of the Cleric Confusion spell. Note that the nymph summon doesn't actually have this spell (even in the BGEE games), but the script still makes a check for it. Also, the Confusion spell that the nymph does have memorized is the actual Cleric spell, which is not cast by the script.

So without EEex, what happens is, the spell is ignored, and the rest of the script runs fine. With the current EEex installed, the game hangs/crashes when the script tries to cast the spell.

I've attached a WeiDU installer with a few patching options. This is a patch for the script, not for EEex. If you'd prefer to just drop in the override, I've also attached two versions of nymph.BCS. One removes the attempt to cast SPIN704, and the other changes the spell cast to the Cleric Confusion that's already memorized.

Nothing else is changed in the script, since this isn't meant to be an AI mod.
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