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Dorn's buggy path through Spellhold(Spoilers obviously)

Came back to this ancient game for a run through and took Dorn to Spellhold. Now he wants to go back to the Temple, won't take no for an answer for long and can escape Spellhold if you say yes! I am sure that this bug was accidentally introduced in a patch.


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,439

    Specifically, that's his first quest, at the Radiant Heart. He starts a two-day timer on it when you first join; when that runs out, you can put him off for another fourteen-day timer or agree to go immediately - which outright teleports your whole party there. If you let that second timer runs out, you get another chance to teleport there; say no, and he either leaves you or attacks you.

    Unlike most character quests, there's no area/chapter filter on this one. The trigger to teleport now or let him leave can happen anywhere, including Brynnlaw and Spellhold.

    If I'm reading the dialogue right, it should be possible to get on the boat again if you've been teleported back to Athkatla before chapter 6. Though that'll definitely mess some things up including the chapter count. I wonder how thoroughly you could break the game this way...

    I suspect that this one has been an issue all along since Dorn was introduced. It's just - who would notice it, when the natural thing to do with his first quest is walk over and do it immediately once you recruit him?
  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,875
    obvious bug, there should have been parameters on his dialog where if you are in any chapter 4 or 5 areas then this dialog should not come up ( a lot of quests that deal with other NPCs have parameters like these )

    but i guess the devs assumed that you would do dorn's quest right away as apposed to making him wait until you hit spell hold lol
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