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cutscene where the main character stabs Skie does not trigger

great, the forum is back. Maybe this will get noticed. I finished the hell section of SOD but when my character goes to sleep the cutscene where Skie is stabbed does not trigger. So chapter 13 never starts.

It's an EET game with mods (no mega mods but quite a few of them) but this is the only bug I encountered from candlekeep till now.

I tried reloading to an earlier stage (basically before and after the fight in hell) moving to the location with console commands, changing the chapter in EE keeper (and moving to the location), and generally searching for possible global strings to change. No luck.

Has this (great!) run come to an early end? Any suggestions on what I might do to get the cutscene to trigger?


  • Quill_ArmguardQuill_Armguard Member Posts: 53
    no one?
  • GraionDilachGraionDilach Member Posts: 538
    Every debugging starts with a weidu.log.
  • Quill_ArmguardQuill_Armguard Member Posts: 53
    edited December 2021
    thanks, i was hoping it's a problem that happens more often, so that there would be an easy solution. Also, when uploading a .log this page says "this type of file is not allowed". So I copy-pasted the logs into a txt. Hopefully that still gives the information
  • Quill_ArmguardQuill_Armguard Member Posts: 53
    It got solved, someone suggested that I use the command C:CreateCreature("bdbence") and it worked. I'm still not entirely out of the woods. After transitioning to BG2 Imoen is standing next to Irenicus. This does not stop the progress, Irenicus does his speech, the thief runs in and gets killed, and in a way it is kind of funny (good reason not to take her along). However, it's not a good sign and I cannot save the game after that. It keeps saying "monsters are about". I put it on a low difficulty and went all the way to the library and still there's no saving the game.

    Anyway, I'll try and solve the next hurdle but it's great that I got the end of SOD solved by asking around.
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