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Tremain's Son bug BG:EE 2.6.6

hi guys
faced such a problem .. I can not complete the quest Tremain's Son Tremain takes the body but then nothing happens.

I read about this bug in the previous version of BGU but was hoping that the 2.6.6 update would finally solve this problem.
the following mods are installed:
1. win-64bit-A7-DlcMerger-v1.3
2. bgeetextpack2.5eet-fix
2.2 SoD-rus-for 2.6.5-005-v9
2.3 BGEE_Rus_Fonts
3. bgee-classic-movies-v2.3.1
4. bg1-unfinished-business-v16.4

Before that, I played with the same set of mods, there were no problems in earlier versions. (2.5, 2.6)

To move to another location Tremain tried the charm spell, didn't work.
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