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Mithral Plate - Has it changed ?

I thought you could still wear rings and cloaks with this. Pretty sure this was a bug. Has this been changed recently or did I just not notice till now?


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,931
    in the original IWD you could wear items of protection with that armor, but ever since the EEs came out, they changed it so you can no longer wear items of protection with it
  • RidcullyRidcully Member Posts: 116
    Cheers. Thought I'd done a recent run through and had worn rings / cloaks with it. Must have been mistaken.
  • CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,437
    Yep, this is a bug going back to the original. IWD Fixpack fixes it, as does IWDEE.
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