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Thief in Gem Quest

I'm playing on insane so the thief that appears does double damage and utterly obliterates Aerie who has 51 hp. How go I get past this (I don't want to have to lower the difficulty level).


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,439
    How to protect a squishy mage from backstabs:
    - Stoneskin. If you have level 4 spell slots available, Stoneskin should be active. Unless you've just recruited her that day, Aerie should have at least one level 4 mage slot. And she already knows the spell.
    - Switch to a melee weapon instead of a ranged weapon. It won't stop you from taking the hit, but it will reduce the damage. Melee attacks against a character with a ranged weapon equipped get +4 to hit and +4 to damage - and that +4 damage is multiplied by both the backstab and the difficulty modifier.
    - Make the thief visible. Detect Invisibility is best here because it casts so quickly, though True Seeing/True Sight is solid if you reduce its casting time enough. Spells that just dispel illusions usually won't work against a thief's starting invisibility, though they will work if the thief has re-upped their invisibility with a potion.
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