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Item code for the Helm symbol (Trials of the Luremaster)

Please help me! I am doing Trials of the Luremaster for the first time, so I didn't knew the right order of actions.
When I found the symbol of Helm, the 4 towers were still not cleared. I figured that this symbol should be brought to the Helm's temple and placed to the altar, so I did that and the symbol disappeared. And because I was too early on my walkthrough the secret door didn't open.
Now I cleared all the 4 towers, and I am stuck because I have no more symbols and can't open the door.

I thought maybe I still can save this walkthrough by placing another symbol on the altar? I know how to use console and cheat to create items, but I don't know the item code.

Anyway any help would be welcome!


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    sarevok57 wrote: »

    thanks you!
  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,931
    no problemo :)
  • asafetidaasafetida Member Posts: 5
    btw cheating didn't work: the second symbol of Helm does not disappear at the altar and the door doesn't open. so be warned by my mistake, this is the dead end(
  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,931
    when using the cheat console the item would appear in your inventory, not on the altar ( you would have to put it there yourself)

    also, you can always warp to that area with cheating as well ( another reason why you may not be able to continue is because perhaps you still haven't finished the puzzle correctly?)

    anyway, if you just want to warp to the next area you would input this;

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    The door to the catacombs should open regardless of quest progress.

    Just note that the symbol of Helm in the back of the chapel is *not* where the door appears. The door is (barely noticeable) below the altar.

    If for some reason the door is still closed, you can force it open with these two console commands (simply copy and paste the whole line into the game console and press enter):
    C:Eval('OpenDoor("AR9713_DOOR1")'); C:Eval('TriggerActivation("To9714",TRUE)')
  • asafetidaasafetida Member Posts: 5
    thanks you
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