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Statue bug on level 1 in Watcher's Keep

A statue is stuck behind a door and I can't see it. Is there any way to cheat past this annoying bug (and why hasn't it been fixed???) or do I have to redo a lot of shit???


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,875
    which door is it stuck behind? i've never heard of this bug

    plus if it is hostile you could try blasting area effect spells ( like fireball, skull trap, horrid wilting ) to hopefully lure it out

    can you provide a screenshot?

    also if you have cheats enabled and can actually see it, you can crtl+Y it to kill it instantly as well
  • MrSextonMrSexton Member Posts: 390
    I've found several posts (here, reddit and steam) with this specific problem but no general solution.
    The statue is stuck behind the library door at the bottom of the screen. The statue is not visible but the door cannot be closed - hence that's why I know it's there.
    And why hasn't Beamdog closed this bug???
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