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[Idea[ BG2 NPCs in BG1

There's all sort of mods to bring BG1 NPCs into BG2, but what about the reverse? I can think of ideas for why some of them might be up around Baldur's Gate. Has anyone else contemplated makings mods like this? Has anyone done sp?


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,439
    I wouldn't bring them over as playable characters, but some cameos could make sense.

    There's already a mod with an Aerie cameo.
    Korgan mentions the Red Sheaf in one of his banters - maybe you could run into him and his crew having some drinks in Beregost?
    Ajantis is acquainted with both Anomen and Keldorn through the Radiant Heart - maybe they could visit and have a chat?
  • TygaranTygaran Member Posts: 40
    jmerry wrote: »
    I wouldn't bring them over as playable characters, but some cameos could make sense.?

    I like keeping a contiguous party throughout the saga, so that'd actually be the point. Might take a bit more work to make it believable, I agree. Ah, if only I had more skill in writing, heh.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,439
    More comprehensively, looking at the characters alphabetically with their mechanics and backstory in mind...

    Aerie: With the circus before BG2, sees Quayle as an uncle. Cameo already exists.
    Anomen: Doesn't fit as a joinable character mechanically; he's a fighter 7-cleric 8 dual when you meet him in BG2, and backtracking that to anything under the BG1 cap causes problems. He's a squire in the Radiant Heart order, though, so a cameo on an Order mission could fit.
    Cernd: Between High Forest and Athkatla, his backstory's pretty well covered. He is irresponsible enough to go around trying to fix other places' problems as well, though.
    Edwin: Already present.
    Haer'Dalis: No. Not even on Faerun yet.
    Imoen: Already present.
    Jaheira: Already present.
    Jan: Would he travel looking for new markets for his turnips and questionable gadgets? Absolutely.
    Keldorn: He's old. I don't see him fitting as a lower-level recruitable version, though he is the sort of person the Order would send to investigate the troubles to the north. Definite cameo material there.
    Korgan: Adventurer with companions, wouldn't leave his current group. He's available in BG2 because the group broke up (with his axe delivering some final blows), but I don't see him joining a different party before that. A cameo would fit, especially with that reference to the Red Sheaf.
    Mazzy: Adventurer with companions, wouldn't leave her current group. She's available in BG2 because the Shade Lord killed them. Cameo possible.
    Nalia: Her naiveté is key to her SoA characterization. Adventuring any real distance from her home wouldn't fit. Sneaking out to see the sights for a cameo ... maybe. She does link to one BG1 character; the dwarf Hurgan Stoneblade, who gives the Soultaker quest, is a guest at her father's funeral and knows her.
    Sarevok: Uh, no.
    Valygar: Strong roots in Amn. Fitting him in farther north would be difficult.
    Viconia: Already present.
    Yoshimo: A cameo - maybe. Definitely not joinable; if he's present when you meet Tamoko in chapter 7, that breaks his story.
  • TygaranTygaran Member Posts: 40
    WHile I do see your point about Anomen, I'm the type of player who feels a game mechanic class is more a guidline than a hard fact. =D And the type that thinks restricting multiclass by race is an outdated concept.

    My casual thought about Mazzy was that Patrick is the actual group leader, and they could have had a big enough argument that she traveled north for a time before returning to patch things up. ;)

    About Keldorn... I personally don't equate age to class levels. And the somewhat exponential experience curve could let him start out at a higher level and nor out-pace the party TOO much. But I suppose he Might be a bit to experienced/powerful to be a balanced member of the BG1 party.

    Nalia, yeah its a tricky thought experiment. Even so, she's a bit adventurous, we've no knowledge (that I know of) of WHEN her mother died or where she's from. Would take a good story-teller to have join on investigating the rumors about Amn's involvment in the Iron Crisis while retaining her perceived naivete.

    Guess its just mostly wishful thinking on my part. I always play with some version of a Good alignment, so there ends up being very few potential recruits one can keep for the entire saga: Imoen, Jaheria, Minsc; and some of the new EE characters
  • marcnivarmarcnivar Member Posts: 155
    In my opinion this won’t really work, unless the mod will modify the starting dialogues and your reaction options in BG2, as it is obvious that PC and the new NPCs have not met before.

    MOD like Aerie in BG1 may be ok because it is just a short cameo (IIRC) and it makes sense that she does not remember you in BG2.
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