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Im sure i remember in the original baldurs gate, if you got caught pickpocketing you could talk your way out of it. If i get caught now, everyone around me becomes hostile and attacks me. Is their a mod to put this back to the original way?


  • AerakarAerakar Member Posts: 791
    Rogue Rebalancing allows some altered pickpocket reactions. From the Readme:

    This component will slightly revise the thievery aspect of the game. Firstly, it will allow all merchants whose dialogue implies that their wares are stolen to buy fenced goods. Secondly, it will prevent PC thieves from stealing from any merchants who can buy fenced goods in order to close the "infinite money" exploit. Thirdly, this component will prevent the effects of thievery potions from stacking (in case of multiple uses) and can optionally replace them with their corresponding PnP counterparts. Lastly, this component will standardize the reactions of neutral characters who have witnessed a theft and prevent animals and incapacitated characters from calling the guards.

    The mod also gives dialogue options in some pickpocket situations based on ability scores, alerting you that you may want to try your luck for example.
  • Undead_Reaper86Undead_Reaper86 Member Posts: 13
    Thank you
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