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Doing a Wizard Slayer no-reload solo core-rules run on PS5...

kiariokiario Member Posts: 12

Started this run yesterday. Played Baldurs Gate back in the 90s and also 1st time since then did a minimalistic run with a fighter a week ago just to remind me of the game.

Now I took the challenge to do this run and see how it turns out. Its a permadeath and no-reload solo.

The game is very beatiful on PS5, more so than on PC for some strange reasons. I like the controls. Also nice that the screen is scrolling automatically as you move your character.

So, I choose halv-orc named Tage with a 87 roll focusing on str, const, dex and int. Will upload some photos later. He will not use any ranged weapons. Mainly two-handed sword.

1. Quickly ran to the Mutamins garden with the bassiliskts and let Korax do the killing as I got the exp.
In fact easier to control with a controller as you only have to press R1 and L1 to shift between character and Korax. Got to level 6 without any danger.

Then I did a few quests and got the two-hander +1 from Arghain.
Did the chicken quest and by chance I saw that Thalantyr had a magic protection scroll I could use with Wizard Slayer so I bought it for 3000. My idea was to use it against Mulahey to avoid getting hold.

It turned out to work perfectly and Mulahey was defeated very easily. I had the Ankheg armor and -3 to AC so i did not get hit by his summons.

Thats were I am now. I thought prior to going to Nashkel mines that I could get Spider bane but now I know that Cloakwood does not open up till chapter 4.

2. Next step is to defeat Tranzig. Could be RNG if I cant find another magic protection scroll. But hey, I am a wizard slayer so it should not be a problem right :)


  • kiariokiario Member Posts: 12
    Tranzig went down without problems.
    Then I went to the bandit camp and I feared that the spellcaster in the tent would hold or charm me.
    But I went directly for him and managed to dispel his casting with my abilitites.

    He went down shortly after. Then I exited the tent and defeated the remaining enemies when they came out.

    Now when I have access to cloakwood I will get the spider bade sword since it has magic defense against immobilize.
    Then its on to the mine...
  • kiariokiario Member Posts: 12
    Run ended when I met a hamadryad. She cast dimension door on me and I instadied.
    Is that a bug? Should it not teleport me somewhere random?
  • AerakarAerakar Member Posts: 791
    She should teleport, not you. It seems she dire charmed you, which in solo is instant death.
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,439
    And with vanilla BG1(EE) resources, there's no way for a solo Wizard Slayer to become immune to charm, except the very limited resource of PfM scrolls. Very few ways to improve your saving throws, too. The very common Unfinished Business mod adds a helm of charm protection to the Feldepost's Inn store, but that's still a mod...

    Also, the Hamadryad is scripted to cast Dire Charm and Dimension Door at essentially the same time - within the same action block. She casts a spell and teleports, casts a spell and teleports, ...
    If you can survive the initial two Dire Charm spells, the remaining spells are just Hold Person and Entangle spells that Spider's Bane protects against. Her (non-teleport) spells are at least interruptible, though your refusal to use a bow seriously hurts your chances of doing so.
    Alternately, you can hug the western edge of that map and avoid her completely, exiting through the south with no risk of any conflict.
  • kiariokiario Member Posts: 12
    She did that oval speel sign with a cross in it. Three times i tested and died. Was that dire charm?
    She is easy to avoid in my next run.

    I made another 2 runs yesterday and today and 1st one ended with Nimbul charming me. Now I know to hide and let the guard take him :)
    Second run ended with a web trap in a ambush. Forgot that ambushes have web traps. Only seen them on the left side so I will exit north next time.

    Third run on now and will see how it goes.

    I usualy get two pfm scrolls prior to cloakwood. And use one on Mulahey. Saving the second for the Daevoron in the Cloakwood mine.
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,439
    It's specifically the ettercap ambush that has the web trap, and it's only one, to the west of where you start. Exiting to the north or east is safe.

    Charm in general ... well, that's a threat you'll have to worry about a lot.
  • kiariokiario Member Posts: 12
    Thanks for the info. Exit North it is now. Dont know if there is any protection against charm for a WZ?
  • kiariokiario Member Posts: 12
    edited January 20
    MY run is finished. Once you know the trick no-reload with wizard slayer is not that hard.
    Final fight was quite easy. 100 % fire and el resist and pfm scroll I lured Saveroks minions out and defeated them. Then Saverok was defeated by his own traps in the centre :)
    All done in melee. Two handed spider bane.
    Now for a Sorcerer run.
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