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EE Keeper not saving my changes?

I've got EE Keeper set up so that it can open my game saves, but for some reason I can't get it to actually save the edits I'm making:

1. I wwant to change my character's profiencies, moving one pip from one weapon proficiency to another;

2. I'm trying to add an item to inventory.

For item #1, I'm simply removing one pip from sling and moveing it to Flail for the character I want Seems simple enough.

For item #2, I'm selecting the character, selecting an empty inventory slot, finding the item I want in the list that opens up, selecting it, adding it to inventory, and then saving the file.

The changes show up in the EE Keeper window. I can see the item in the inentory slot. The proficiency pip has been moved.

I hit Save.

EE Keeper makes the save, giving it a new name.

All seems okay.

But then I return to the game, the changes have not actually been made.

What have I done wrong, and how to fix it?


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