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Baldurs Gate EE memorized spells refreshment script/mod

snsdale1snsdale1 Member Posts: 8
Hello, I'm looking for a way to reset memorized spells without a need to rest.

Currently i know about the Limited Wish way (although when I use the spell, the djinni does not talk to me and i cant really talk to them so it does not work ) and the iiiSpellSystemAdjustments mod (does anybody have an unexpired link to it? every link i've stumbled upon so far is not working). Are these two options the only ones possible?
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  • MathsorcererMathsorcerer Member Posts: 3,020
    You could always mod an item to apply the Restore Spell opcode 261 or a script that applies a modified "wondrous recall" spell (still using opcode 261) every now and then. You would have to set the level and it still restores in a top-down manner, then possily switch the spell type to "wizard".
  • snsdale1snsdale1 Member Posts: 8
    I've browsed through NearInfinity for a bit, how do you apply a triggerable effect like that? (I've modified spells) I don't know how to apply enchantments to items. Could you give me somentips on that?
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