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[Solved][TotM] Cannot find a certain items

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Attention: This thread contains spoilers.

I'm playing Tyrants of the Moonsea and is stuck at the quest "Murgah's Magnificent Machine", for which I need to collect 10 bars of mithral as part of the components.

I had searched for all shops and only found 8 bars from them. Where can I find 2 more bars of mithral?

Update 1

By searching for other players' related articles on the internet, I learned that there is one bar in the Ruins of Candlemas in Thentia and another one in the underground tomb in Voonlar.

I got the one in the Ruins of Candlemas. It was in a lootbag, so I swapped my 5,000 gold for the bar.

However, the other bar is in a sarcophagus inscribed with a Bane symbol. I'm hesitant about swapping gold for it because I play as a good-aligned character and I think taking something out of a sarcophagus is like tomb raiding. At the very least, it might disturb the dead even if I just open the sarcophagus and don't take anything (although my test run found that the sarcophagus contains nothing but a bar of mithral). I hope there is an alternative way to get a bar of mithral without using cheat code.

Besides, I think there should also be a way to get bars of mithral without taking from a lootbag. I'm not sure if the owner of the lootbag in the Ruins of Candlemas will like what I did.

Update 2

I just found that Hermuk's Allgoods in Melvaunt sells 2 bars. I overlooked this shop before. However, this shop sells stolen goods. Now this will be a tough decision for me. I hope there are other sources.

Update 3

I just found that Ogson the Trader in Shind Road - Outside Yulash sells 2 bars. I overlooked this roadside merchant before. Now I decide to load one of my previous savegames and buy the 2 bars from him. I'm glad that I can finally complete this quest in an appropriate way.
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    think I got it thanks. I thought people were taking the piss when they said I needed a metal detector and shovel.. I am trying to find one item though and it is not showing up. Could this be a glitch?
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