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How the heck do you do the Ducal palace solo fighter no-reload...

This fight is pure rng. Is there no reliable strategy?
I am playing a wizard slayer and this fight to protect the two persons against doppelgangers is pure chance.
I have tried many times and there is like a 30% success chance.

Arrows of dispelling
Horror from fighter abilities
Position close or away

None are reliable. The run up till this point I have nailed with the Wizard slayer and 99% success each run.

But this fight is rather stupid in the way it is designed. Solo its not about skill or tactics, almost pure RNG.


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,439
    You wouldn't guess it, but the palace doppelgangers have a key weakness - they're level 1. Get a wand of sleep, and you can take some of them out of the fight. Only about one per use because of their good saves, but that's still a big help. In my speedrun attempts, my strategy was to recruit a party for this one fight and give them all wands of sleep to neutralize the doppelgangers. Plus a scroll of Greater Malison for a mage among that group.

    ... Oh wait, you said "wizard slayer". Sorry, no wand of sleep for you.

    This is probably the most punishing fight in the game for a solo player; since the enemies focus on allies you have to keep alive, and you can't just draw things out and win by attrition. There really isn't anything reliable you can do.
  • kiariokiario Member Posts: 12
    yep solo wizard slayer :) Its quite annoying when the game up till this point has almost 100% success rate, then sddenly it drops to RNG. So frightening
  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,875
    kiario wrote: »
    yep solo wizard slayer :) Its quite annoying when the game up till this point has almost 100% success rate, then sddenly it drops to RNG. So frightening

    well to be honest, the game wasn't meant to be played solo, so it's not really the fault of the game

    being frustrated at the fact that being a wizard slayer solo is RNG at the ducal palace would be like complaining about how hard it is to climb mount everest in a straight jacket, completely self inflicted

    one strategy perhaps is darts of stunning? at level 7 and specialization you can blast those off at 4 APR without haste, and even if only half of them get stunned, at least that helps out the flaming fist and belt to finish them off?
  • kiariokiario Member Posts: 12
    I actually succeeded in the fight :) Positioned myself near the npc to protect and casted horror directly. Two were affected and then I focused on the enemies attacking the NPC. Went well first try on the no-reload solo wizard slayer.
    But I made a mistake in the maze afterwards forgetting to protect myself with scroll against the traps so died.

    Now with this character I can practice the Sarevok fight to prepare a new character for the next run.

    But the ducal palace fight is still major RNG so it may fail next time!

    I know its not ment to be soloed and with a WS its probably the hardest you can do except Sarevok in the game.
    I think all other characters are easier to do a solo no-reload run.
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