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NWN dual monitor screen bug

kamuizinkamuizin Member Posts: 3,701

In 18 december 2021 i made a report of a hardware bug with NWN:EE: when you have 2 screens and one of them is also a television, if you activate it while the game is runnung NWN:EE bug, and the first moment you minimize you can't bring the screen back to upfront.

My bug file registering received the number "NWNS-9794" and until today i didn't receive any feedback on this issue. May i request a position from the devs through this channel?

I will put myself avaliable to any request, question or cooperation needed by the Beamdog team to solve this issue.

At the moment, as stated before, i use dual monitors. One of them, my main one, a proper monitor of the LG franchise "24GL600F" and my second monitor is a TV SAMSUNG "UN50AU800".

With the best regards,



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