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Girdle of Gond Upgrade

So I brought the gnomish tools back to Kuldahar to Oswald for a reward, then bought the Girdle if Gond from Orrick, then travelled back to the airship but the dialogue option didn’t pop up to upgrade-do you have to ask him in a later chapter or something? I didn’t clear out Kresselack’s tomb yet so perhaps that has something to do with it? Thank you to anyone with help or answers!


  • inethineth Member Posts: 695
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    I checked Oswald's dialog script in the game files, and if I read it right, the complete conditions for Oswald bringing up the girdle are:
    • You have the non-upgraded Girdle of Gond in your inventory.
    • You haven't already upgraded it (or refused to upgrade it).
    • You haven't turned Kuldahar hostile (by attacking villagers).
    • You traded the Gnomish Tools to Oswald, and at least 1 in-game day has passed since.

    Maybe it hasn't been a day yet, since you traded the toolbox?

    1 in-game day = having the game unpaused for 2 real-world hours
    (Or instantly advance the in-game time by multiple hours by resting or worldmap-travelling, or use the CTRL+T cheat key to advance it in 1-hour steps.)
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  • UnsanityUnsanity Member Posts: 54
    So, 1,200 gold and about 5 days of travel time, the belt goes from being a +10 open locks +5 find traps to +15 open locks +10 find traps. If you don't bother spending points on anything else, the +5 each isn't really worth it. But, gold is easy to get and time means nothing really, so it's not much of an expense.
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